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About Us

Here at Serenity Aged Care, we are dedicated to helping you discover how you can stay in the comfort and security of your own home, where you have lived for years. Happiness is living in home. If you would prefer to remain independent and live in your own home, we can help you do it.

We’ll ask you the right questions to understand your history and your personal values.

By understanding who you are and what makes you happy, what’s important to you, we can tailor the most suitable care options.

For as much, or as little help as you need so you can live a fulfilled life at home.

Why Choose Us

No Two Days Are The Same

Our team is dedicated to helping people. It’s the reason we get out of bed in the morning. We love having a positive impact on peoples’ lives and seeing the difference we can make.

Every member of our team is an industry leader in their own right. We’re proud of our accomplishments, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and improve our services in the future.

Certified Care

Ask us about private or government subsidized care options.

We can explain the various available programmes, how they work, if you are eligible to receive them and what you need to do to access them

Great Staff
Our carers respond every time with a big warm smile. We enjoy the friendships we build.
We can provide for all your needs as required. From a few hours or as much as 24/7 care
Because the most important person is you. We want you to feel appreciated
From conversation, swimming, bowling, a cup of coffee or a game of cards, we can help
Great Staff

Our Carers

Our carers love what they do, and that's what makes them so special.

We make it our mission to help you in every way, the way you would like assistance. Your needs are important to us. To provide the best possible quality of care, we create a plan which is completely personalised for you.

We know everyone is unique and that’s why we listen very carefully.

Ask Us How We Can Help You Today

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